Organic Max Sesame


Organic Max SesameOrganic Max SesameIngredients: 100% whole un - hulled organic sesame seeds.Max Sesame Tahini provides a refreshing, authentic tas...

Organic Max Sesame

Organic Max Sesame

Organic Max Sesame

Ingredients: 100% whole un - hulled organic sesame seeds.

Max Sesame Tahini provides a refreshing, authentic taste of raw sesame seeds that contains a maximum concentration of vitamins and minerals in spreadable form.It is the only tahini on the market that remains completely raw throughout the entire manufacturing process ensuring maximum nutritional value and great taste. Max Sesame is produced from raw, whole, un-hulled USDA Certified Organic sesame seeds that are soaked, sprouted, and immediately ground using our trademark cold-press process. This method yields a natural tahini spread that retains all the extraordinary properties of raw sesame seeds providing more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients than any other tahini on the market!!!!

Sesame Tahini is highly recommended for many different ailments and illnesses.

"Max Sesame Tahini - Taking Nutrition to the Max!"

Max Sesame is made exclusively from raw, sprouted, whole, un-hulled sesame seeds. Sprouted, un-hulled, whole sesame seeds possess numerous times more vitamins and minerals than hulled sesame seeds:

3.5 X More Edible Fiber

4.0 X More Iron

4.7 X More Calcium

Than any other tahini products on the market.

Max Sesame is also the only Tahini that provides Zinc, an essential element in the digestion of all vitamins & nutrients, especially Omega-3.

SKU: 855575000029

Item Code: NA00002

Size: 12 OZ.

Packaging: 1 Bottle

Brand: Nat Nuts

Kosher Certification: Badatz Yerushlaim

Gluten Free: Yes

Corn Free: Yes

Egg Free: Yes

Sugar Free: Yes



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