Organic Total Sesame


Organic Total SesameOrganic Total SesameIngredients: 100% whole un - hulled organic sesame seeds.Discover the sweet, flavorful taste of Total Sesam...

Organic Total Sesame

Organic Total Sesame

Organic Total Sesame

Ingredients: 100% whole un - hulled organic sesame seeds.

Discover the sweet, flavorful taste of Total Sesame Tahini made with whole, unhulled USDA Certified Organic sesame seeds,preserving the high nutritional value of whole sesame seeds for maximum health benefit. Total Sesame is produced from a naturally sweet species of sesame that is lightly roasted and then immediately ground whole using our exclusive cold press method without the use of any added sugar or additives. for the best tasting tahini on the market!
This method makes Total Sesame Tahini chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and gives it its uniquely delicious and exotic flavor.

Total Sesame - A Total nutritional package in one small container"

Sesame Seeds - The Facts

Sesame seeds are bursting with nutrients that are excellent for the health of your digestive and cardiovascular systems (amongst others). One hundred grams of Total Sesame contains:

  • 11-13 times the amount of calcium that a proportionate serving of cheese contains

  • Approximately four times the amount of calcium of milk

Calcium is essential for the structure of our bones and teeth, enzyme secretion, and muscle contraction. Research also suggests that it prevents colon cancer.

Sesame seeds are naturally rich in the following vitamins, nutrients, and minerals:

  • Thiamine

    • Essential for metabolizing carbohydrates in the body

    • Natural anti-stressor

    • Boosts the immune system

  • Copper

    • 1/4 cup of sesame seeds contain 74% of the recommended daily intake of copper.

    • Necessary for developing and maintaining many vital organs in the body, including your heart and brain

  • Phytosterols

    • Studies indicate that phytosterols reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad kind)

  • Selenium

    • Protects the body against several types of caner, including lung cancer, skin cancer, and prostate cancer

    • Prevents complications due to diabetes

Order your supply of Total Sesame Tahini Spread today and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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Brand: Natnuts

Kosher Certification: Badatz Yerushlaim

Gluten Free: Yes

Corn Free: Yes

Egg Free: Yes

Sugar Free: Yes



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