Pistachio Butter


Pistachio ButterPistachio ButterIngredients: 100% Raw Ground Pistachios. Think that there is no such thing as guilt-free cuisine pleasure? Think ag...

Pistachio Butter

Pistachio Butter

Pistachio Butter

Ingredients: 100% Raw Ground Pistachios.

Think that there is no such thing as guilt-free cuisine pleasure? Think again. Revel in the rich, delicate flavor and smooth, creamy texture of Pistachio Butter by Field of Nuts. Our Pistachio Butter is an all-natural spread that is 100% gluten-free and does not contain any sugar or additives. Field of Nuts Pistachio Butter is produced from select, handpicked, sustainably grown pistachio nuts and ground while they are still raw without roasting using a cold-press process unique to Field of Nuts products. Our grinding technique ensures that Field of Nuts Pistachio Butter preserves the nutritional characteristics and tantalizing taste of the original pistachios. It also expedites your body’s absorption of the nutrients contained in our Pistachio Butter. Field of Nuts Pistachio Butter is made in a peanut-free facility without any sugar or artificial additives.

Health benefits of pistachio nuts

In addition to their mouthwatering flavor, pistachio nuts also possess many nutritional benefits:

Pistachio nuts contain significant quantities of phytosterols, which have been linked to reducing cholesterol for those suffering from high levels of cholesterol. Research has also demonstrated that phytosterols may factor into the prevention of certain types of cancer.

  • Pistachio nuts also contain a large amount of plant-based proteins, including Arginine, an amino acid which produces nitric acid in the body, thus relaxing blood vessels and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Pistachio nuts are rich in the following essential nutrients:

    • Iron

    • Dietary fiber

      • Fiber is necessary to maintain a healthy colon.

    • Vitamin B6

      • Vitamin B6 is used for many vital processes in your body, including metabolizing proteins and maintaining optimal nerve function

    • Thiamin

      • Thiamin is essential for transforming carbohydrates in your body into energy. It is also known as vitamin B1

    • Copper

      • Copper is part of a daily cocktail of essential nutrients that prevents macular degeneration

    • Phosphorous

      • Phosphorous is necessary for maintaining healthy bones. It is also valuable to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

    • Potassium

      • Potassium balances the levels of natural fluids in your body. It is also essential for the growth of your muscles and for normal nervous system function.

    • Vitamin A

      • Improves vision

      • Enhances the quality of your skin and hair

  • A one-ounce serving of pistachio nuts contains the following:

    • More dietary fiber than a half cup serving of spinach or broccoli

    • As much thiamin as a half cup serving of cooked rice

    • As much B6 as a three-ounce serving of chicken

    • As much potassium as half of a large banana

  • Luxuriate in the rich flavor and texture and enjoy the fantastic nutritional benefits of Field of Nuts pistachio nut Butter - order your supply today!

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