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The most effective treatment for those suffering from celiac disease is a lifelong gluten free diet. By maintaining a complete Gluten free diet, the symptoms will subside and you can lead a healthy lifestyle.  In today’s market, identifying a trustworthy source for gluten free foods is very difficult. It is also very challenging because, while following a gluten free diet, there can be chances of many dietary limitations and hidden sources of gluten.  

We can group the sources of gluten into two sections:

1) The evident sources of gluten are cereals like wheat, barley, rye etc. and in these cereals, gluten is found in the form of a protein. Hence, those suffering from Celiac disease should certainly avoid ordinary forms of bread, cakes, pastas, breakfast cereals, biscuits, puddings and pie made out of these cereals. Other commonly found gluten content products are malt vinegar, soy sauce, mustard and mayonnaise.

2) The hidden sources of gluten:

  • In processed food products, wheat flour is commonly used as a binder or filler or as a carrier for flavorings and spices.
  • There are also chances for other food products to be contaminated with gluten content at the time of processing.
  • Actually, oats do not contain gluten. But the majority of oat products are contaminated with wheat or barley.
  • Milk products and other dairy products contain lactose. Those untreated individuals with Celiac disease are also lactose intolerant.
  • Many corn and rice products are manufactured in factories along with wheat products. So there are chances for those cereals to be contaminated with wheat gluten.
  • Alcoholic beverages like beer, vodka, gin etc.; some medications and vitamin supplements; mouthwashes; glue on stamps and envelopes are all hidden sources of gluten.
  • Many cosmetic items like lipsticks, lip gels etc. contain ingredients of gluten.

A gluten free diet’s reaction varies in people according to the diet they choose. In some cases, there will be a poor response to the improvement of symptoms. The main reason behind this is the hidden source of gluten consumption included in the gluten free diet.

Effective measures should be taken care to lead a healthy and well-balanced life. To endure a complete gluten free diet, you should avoid cereals like wheat, barley, rye etc. along with those food products that contain ingredients of these cereals. In spite of these restrictions, those infected with Celiac disease can enjoy a well balanced diet with an array of food products. Various companies are rooting their business in such gluten free products to complement this factor. You can browse our 'Best sellers' page for a wide range of gluten free food products and gluten free substitutes of various companies according to your choice. In order to select the best one from the list, you should be aware of the available sources of gluten free foods. List of foods that you can safely include in your diet are:

  • Plain fruits and vegetables
  • Potatoes
  • All types of rice and maize
  • Tapioca
  • Red meat, chicken, fish, eggs and dairy products (not contaminated or coated or mixed with fillers)
  • Cornmeal, cornstarch, and other products made of corn like corn tortillas
  • Quinoa- Seed of a goosefoot plant rich in proteins, vitamins with all the 9 essential amino acids and so called as a complete protein food.
  • Dried beans and peas
  • Wine, cider
  • Buckwheat
  • Nuts
  • Arrowroot
  • Amaranth

A comprehensive new approach is needed to adhere to a complete gluten free diet. Identifying the increased need of gluten free substitutes, we have included in our catalog a wide range of excellent flour substitutes. According to the demand for texture and consistency, you can use bean flour, brown rice flour, white rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch flour and almond flour in your preparation. Other substitutes like Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum are also available in the market that helps you to retain the elasticity and quality of your recipes without gluten. Evidence of marked improvement in health will be the result of maintaining a proper gluten free diet. Some benefits include:

  • Positive results within first few weeks
  • In majority of cases, celiac symptoms subside and show improvement within the initial 48 hours.
  • In children, not only abdominal irritation subsides, but results in fast improvement of behavior and growth. Complete recovery of intestinal villi will result within a few months.
  • In adults, complete recovery of prolonged gluten injury is somewhat difficult, i.e. improvement of symptoms only results in the partial regeneration of intestinal villi.
  • Drastic improvement of skin lesions in people with Dermatitis herpetiformis.

Health tips to balance your gluten free diet:

  • Consult your dietitian or physician for a healthy list of gluten free foods.
  • While choosing a gluten free product, you should strictly check the labels and the ingredients detailed on it.
  • You should be cautious while selecting foods from a restaurant menu. Don’t hesitate to clear your doubts with the chef about ingredients and preparation of the food.
  • Under proper medication, you can take multivitamins in order to overcome vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Individuals with anemia should be treated with iron content like folic acid and vitamin B12.

Consequences of an irregular diet:

In most cases of Celiac disease, the negative stage comes when the infected person stops or relaxes on his diet after a certain stage of improvement. Most of them ignore the importance of a lifelong gluten free diet. Studies show that among those diagnosed with celiac disease for more than 20 years, only half of them maintains a strict gluten free diet. Mild iron deficiency and abnormal bone density are the after effects of this lenient mentality.  The main reason behind this lenient mentality is that the patient’s aim was just to prevent the symptoms, not the complications.

Proper education or good reading is adequate to understand the positiveness in maintaining a good diet. has an excellent collection of books on gluten intolerance and other diet related subjects. You can also come across a number of delicious and effortless cooking recipes from our Gluten free recipe page.

Now it’s time to lead a stress free - Gluten Free life!


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